Welcome to the Tarrant County District Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship site.  Encapsulated within The North Texas State of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, led by our State Bishop Kenneth Spears, we sincerely thank you for your interest in Tarrant County District.  We are a district committed to the vision of our founder, Bishop Paul S. Morton. We pride ourselves in being the premier district in the Southwestern Region of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

The Tarrant County District has adopted the transformational platform and vision of our International Presiding Bishop Joseph W Walker.  We are pledging to stay on the cutting edge, leading our community into the “shift;” creating new paradigms in our culture by identifying the challenges facing our FAITH, FAMILY, FINANCE, FITNESS, and applying these principles that serve as a catalyst of change, not only transitioning individual lives, but leading to changing a generation.

Our uniqueness is encased in the intentional commitment of all of our District headship; Pastors, God’s greatest gift to the body of Christ, and leadership team, all bound by a vision to exercise the spiritual religious freedom that cultivates an exceptional Worship Experience, that positioned The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship as the trendsetter for Praise and Worship Internationally.  Bound by a vision to create ministry opportunities; encouraging worship participation for our Daughters of the Promise, embracing a platform that speaks inclusion to young adults, and millennials.  Bound by a vision that seeks to serve our community in a holistic way, attacking pivotal Social Justice issues, as well as recognizing there are chains to be broken through identifying, addressing, and overcoming the stigma birthed out of Social concerns such as; bringing mental health awareness and education, confronting HIV issues, addressing infant health, and infant mortality issues, educating our community on the importance of committing to the standards that lead to quality of life; good health, wellness, nutrition, finance and fitness.

Please feel free to explore our web site.  Help us facilitate this vision of inclusion and Holistic Ministry.  Get to know our leaders, familiarize yourself with our Pastors, choose a Full Gospel Church to Worship with that’s suitable for you and your family.  When you choose a Full Gospel Church to connect with, you embrace the Vision of our Founder, through the exercising of fivefold ministry.  A vision that bridges the gap between Calvary and Pentecost.  A belief that you have “The Right to Choose,” and that freedom is based on the belief that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be promoted by recognizing the free expression of the gifts of the Spirit as a viable part of the Body of Christ.  Welcome aboard, and we look forward seeing you soon!

Elvis L. Bowman, Sr.
District Overseer
Tarrant County Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International